Amoebic dysentery & journey back home

Today I am sick and at home: since yesterday evening diarrhea, which became worse and worse today. We have delivered in the morning still together the rental car, everything ok, the half-full tank has played no role at all, because here a whole tank of gasoline costs only 1 euro. At noon I went home alone with an official and expensive but safe cab and rested, drank chamomile tea to calm the stomach pains. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, because traveling with diarrhea is not nice. Although here most toilets are really very clean. But there are some that are dirty and have no water. Soap there is also in the clean almost never, so I have accustomed to carry around their own small soap with me, as well as a lot of Kleenextuecher, because toilet paper there is also not everywhere and the paper you throw by the way not in the toilet, but in a next to the same standing container, so that the former is not clogged …


High fever tonight, cramps and diarrhea like water every 20 minutes. This morning to the doctor, then to the lab. Result: amoebic dysentery. Great. Antonio is on his way to the pharmacy to get rid of them before they break through the intestinal wall… Interesting: the very strong, systematic antibiotics against amoebic dysentery cost just 1 Euro, while the “normal” antibiotics, which are given to prevent secondary infections, are very expensive, one package 80 Euro!

We took out travel insurance with Hans Merkur before we left. As every time, since 20 years. This time new: an annual insurance for all trips this year. Costs 49 Euro. per person. Since I would like to fly back earlier to have myself checked and treated at the Tropical Institute in Tuebingen, I asked the travel agency whether the insurance would cover this. This has now intervened and phoned me. By the way, it is not Hanse Merkur itself, but ROLAND Assistance GmbH, probably the outsourcer for the processing. The doctor from Germany spoke on the phone with the doctor here. The cure that is given to me is right and good. However, according to IATA contracts, only healthy patients are allowed to fly, and the airline can refuse to transport sick patients at any time. The insurance company has to inform the airline that I am sick and when I will be healthy again. If this is not the case by Monday, I have to stay here longer and fly later. These costs will be covered by the insurance.

Today we moved to a hotel for the hopefully last three days. To the “Casa Infinito” in the district of Alta Florida. The reason: since yesterday evening there was neither water nor gas in our friend’s apartment, not even today, maintenance work is being done. Tonight we were very frightened, because there was a gas explosion very close by, which was so loud that we both woke up from it.

In the meantime I feel better, my bowels have calmed down and so have I. My mood is also better. My mood is also a little better, I still want to go home as soon as possible, but here in this Posada for the first time in 3 weeks, a shower that immediately offers warm, no, even hot water AND in addition a high water pressure; the bed linen is bright white and ironed (!), everything is clean, we have a fantastic view over the huge city and on the mountain Avila and it is relatively quiet. There is a beautiful veranda overgrown with bougainvillea and a terrace for sunbathing. The posada is owned by an Italian who has an antiquities shop in La Hatilla – can you see the European hand again? We have also found a female-family atmosphere here, which is good for me. There are 6 women here: 3 guests: the future beauty queen of Venezuela, who has just had her nose operated on and therefore has a terribly disfigured face, which she wants to hide from the outside world, her mother and another unknown beauty, the cook or boss, a second cook and her daughter. The atmosphere in the kitchen, where we women stay (I wanted a coffee after sleep) is warm and cordial and it does me good. There is gossip and sharing, for example, the war of roses of the younger cook with her ex-husband (quarrel about the child). I feel comfortable and safe here and I am confident to finally get on the plane home on Monday. I have never looked forward to home as much as this time!

Journey home

We are sitting at the gate. In a few hours we are leaving. What I do not know yet: we are separated directly before boarding by the military police into a women’s queue and a men’s queue. Directly at the plane, we women are superficially examined by military police officers, seems to be more a show than a serious security check. Nevertheless, my nerves are on edge, because I am separated from Antonio and afraid that he will be held up. Boarding the Lufthansa plane, I feel relieved and safe on the one hand, but on the other hand I am very worried about Antonio. I ask the steward not to take off until my husband, whom I briefly describe to him, is on board and tell him our seats. He sees my fear and promises me. After a quarter of an hour he comes to me to check whether Antonio is there in the meantime. By then I am already having a nervous breakdown and crying. I tell him that I will get off again if Antonio is not among the passengers. After another infinitely long minute, Antonio comes to me beaming and tells me that a steward had spoken to him, that his wife was already waiting eagerly for him – what was going on? Well, my nerves were probably very thin after the experience with the (un)security forces (see entry police pirates), weakened by my illness. Now I am looking forward to water and soap in the public toilets. Streets without potholes and masses of crushed and decapitated dogs. Legal security. Fresh air. Fearless going out. And: Laugenweggle with butter
I will miss: The nice people. The pleasant climate. The fascinating nature. The unprejudicedness and curiosity of the people. The hospitality and cordiality. The black beans.