Racism and discrimination

Once again the cab challenge: Antonio wants to take the metro to his family and I want to take a cab home alone. Antonio accompanies me to a cab company that belongs to a shopping center and hands me over to the cab driver; they joke about safety. I get in, we start talking and when the driver finds out that I am German he asks: Is it true that there are many racists in Germany? Unfortunately, I have to confirm that. Not on the part of the government or politics, nor by any means the legislation. But let’s be honest: there are unfortunately far too many people with prejudices in Germany, there exists a latent racism and it does not matter at all, which skin color, which nationality, which body circumference and in recent time above all unfortunately after only 60 years already again, which religion one has. We still discriminate, perhaps subconsciously, but it is different here. I have never seen a country where it does not matter as much as it does here whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, black or white, Christian or Muslim. Maybe it is because this country has a weakly developed culture of its own and there is no clear idea of “the Venezuelan”. One is treated completely “indiscriminately”, which has a lot of good, it makes the coexistence easier, more open, more solute. In fact, all encounters here so far have always been free and pleasant, people are warm, hospitable, nice, open and curious about “the other”. Even the cab driver mentioned above let himself be convinced that although there is much more prejudice and racism in Germany compared to Venezuela, it is not as bad as it was always portrayed in the movies he had mentioned and from which he had drawn his knowledge. He just had a lot of questions and wanted to learn about Germany. But unfortunately, the “indiscriminate” also applies to the attacks. These do not spare anyone: black or white, poor or rich, young or old, tourist or native: all become victims. In the meantime, we have witnessed live how the son of a (different) cab driver was robbed by the police. And everyone (!) to whom we have told this, was also already a victim of these “official interventions” in their money purse.