First week: at home, reading books

It is four weeks now that I quit my job. At my first day of freedom I catched a cold and had to stay at home. You know that: The very moment you start to relax, also your immune system does. Well, time to read at least some books: “Bergsteigen im Flachland” for example, 600 pages. Very interesting, deep dive into the Balkans in the late 90ies.

Or Black Boy, a literary classic of the US, written in 1946 by Richard Wright. I was deeply impressed by the poverty and permanent hunger this boy experienced.

I also made it to the cinema: Moonlight. It was different from the typical Hollywood productions and I liked it. Is this film about being black? Or being gay? Or isn’t is more about (non-) communication? Is the key question of this film the dialogue between the protagonist and his best friend at the beach, the older telling the younger that there will be a day when you have to chose which way to go and what to do with your live before others chose this for you? Or is it the final dialogue between the protagonist and his then best friend about living the life you always wanted instead of doing what others expect from you?