My Journeys

Since I moved to Italy in far 1990 I had the desire to mediate between cultures – to make people understand better. To stop talking about “The Germans” or “The Italians”. I wanted to become a journalist. But then, after some experience in a Regional Newspaper and at n-tv (a national news braodcaster in Germany), I understood that a “news” is a “product”, that as any other product in the world needs to be “sold” to generate income. This was the moment of disillusion and although there are still great and couragous investigative journalists around the world, we observe a more and more streamlined view of other countries, their people, the bad and the good.

But the world isn’t black-and-white, it is much more complex. We desire simple solutions, simple views, but this doesn’t respect reality. Polarization as we see it since years driven by social media, doesn’t help to make this world a better place.

So in 2012 I started to document my political journeys to other countries in order to help others like me to develop their own opinion and view on foreign countries. I invite all of you to do the same, we need “citizen reporters” with a big heart and a smart mind to understand problems and see solutions.

The first country I went to to was Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez was celebrated as a hero by the left-wing parties in Europe, whereas the convervatives and above all the US considered him as a dictator. I wanted to go there and get a direct impression, by living and interviewing many different people all over Venezuela. And I did….

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