The Andes

We went up into the mountains on Thursday, after spending the night there in a little place called Timotes, it was cold and foggy. We got into a communion by accident. There it is custom to be pictured with mariachi, with traditional musicians. But otherwise the communion seemed like ours: a lot of excitement and stress for big and small. Here in Timotes a black saint is venerated. Which is unusual for us, and reminds me that I should also write that here all skin and hair colors and also religions are found and there is no noticeable discrimination based on race or religion.

The architecture in the Andern is completely different than on the plains. Small, flat and often dark but more easily heated houses. On Friday, June 1, we drove to the highest passable mountain in Venezuela, Pico del Aguila, 4118 meters. Condors are bred there and the air is thin. It is foggy and cold. On the way down we visited the breeding condors, a sad sight. The male is separated from the female because they do not like each other and do not breed offspring. What is also difficult, because a Condor female lays an egg only every 2 years. And they are clumsy, who knows if the sex will work out. Afterwards we passed a star observatory.