Soccer and Rapper Battle!

Because it is so beautiful we stayed a second day in Merida. In the morning we had a very good breakfast, arepas, egg, ham, jam, bread rolls, honey from the region and cheese. In the best Posada of Venezuela, Posada Casa Sol!

Then to the laundry and the tailor. Afterwards to the market and then at one o’clock football watched in an airy restaurant with about 80 other people: Venezuela against Uruguay. When the equalizing goal was finally scored, everyone splashed the beer like crazy. It was funny and loud and wet.

In the evening we attended a rapper battle on the Plaza Sucre, 10 rappers competed against each other, the audience (about 80-1oo friends) voted loudly who is the better. Won very close before “El Criminal” the only white rapper. “El Conuto”. Organized by “Wladd Sico Lodds”, he did not reveal his real name. You can find him on Soundcloud under WLADD28. He organized the battle via Facebook. The whole thing dutifully registered with the city got approved. Each participant paid a small contribution, the winner received the total amount.
Really cool! I’ve never seen anything like this before, I only know it from the Eminem movie “8 miles”.