My Sabbatical

20 Years of IT Business, 10 years in IT Startups sucking lots of time and energy. Wonderful people and high performing teams, great moments and all in all a fantastic experience, while at the same time exhausting. Not really much time and energy left for doing other stuff. I always felt that there is something missing, that I want to do so many other things if I only had time.

Then I met this guy, famous for being an expert in trading, shares, stock exchange and investments.  I asked him where to invest my money ? His answer was as powerful as simple. He said:

“Invest your money in yourself and in a good life.”

So I decided to leave my job for a sabbatical, dedicate time to myself, family & friends and cultivate my passions: photography, human rights, books, travel, discover other societies + cultures, do something that has a positive social impact. Dive into the many other worlds and realities outside the IT world. This is why the title of this webpage is “Andere Welten” which means “Different Worlds” in German.

With this blog I want to share my experiences with you, maybe encouraging you to do the same: Invest your savings in yourself and take some time off – you are worth it! Dedicate time to the things you love most in live – your beloved ones, your hobbies, your passions and interests. Life is short. So

Stay hungry, stay foolish!